Bought some seven-fold ties from Julien Scavini, a repp one, and this pictured green one. First of all, the price is great, around 70€ IIRC. I find them very nice to fold, and from my rotation so far, they didn’t wrinkle too much. I can only compare with more expensive ties, so this doesn’t seem completely fair; of course they’re not competing with Marinella ties, but I find them very interesting in terms of fabric and construction to price-point. And the width is exactly the one I prefer, not too thin like the Knottery ones, not too wide like some Borelli I own and never wear.

Clearly I’ll buy ties again from him. I think his new collection arrived or will in the next days. I will also need to try out the Howard’s ones after all the praise on Parisian Gentleman.

John Lobb Marshall brogues on the 8695 last. Falke socks and Gustin #95 ‘The Slub16’.

Finally I got around to take a picture with this beautiful bespoke Huntsman jacket. Pants are Francesco Smalto, the shirt is an Yves Saint Laurent licensed one, cut nonetheless in a superb herringbone fabric.

The tie is Julien Scavini; a very nice 7 fold I just bought it some days ago while fetching my newest MTM 2 piece suit from him. I’ll write a post with more details soon.

The pocket square is a little experiment I did in buying more stuff from Etsy and the likes. This one is white cotton with a geometrical print all over.

Getting ready to wear these Aubercy today. Aubercy is a French brand making excellent handgrade shoes.

A bit sad to be forced to take the subway at peak time. I fully expect that at least one person is going to step on these.

Just a quick post to say I’m not dead, and talk about these very simple yet enjoyable cufflinks made in porcelain, and hand painted in Delft blue. I’ve bought these on Etsy for about 30€ and love them. Plus the seller is very nice!