PoW, fishmouth, cashmere… What’s not to love?

Thought I had lost that tie somewhere! Marinella, pure cashmere.

Bought some seven-fold ties from Julien Scavini, a repp one, and this pictured green one. First of all, the price is great, around 70€ IIRC. I find them very nice to fold, and from my rotation so far, they didn’t wrinkle too much. I can only compare with more expensive ties, so this doesn’t seem completely fair; of course they’re not competing with Marinella ties, but I find them very interesting in terms of fabric and construction to price-point. And the width is exactly the one I prefer, not too thin like the Knottery ones, not too wide like some Borelli I own and never wear.

Clearly I’ll buy ties again from him. I think his new collection arrived or will in the next days. I will also need to try out the Howard’s ones after all the praise on Parisian Gentleman.

John Lobb Marshall brogues on the 8695 last. Falke socks and Gustin #95 ‘The Slub16’.

Finally I got around to take a picture with this beautiful bespoke Huntsman jacket. Pants are Francesco Smalto, the shirt is an Yves Saint Laurent licensed one, cut nonetheless in a superb herringbone fabric.

The tie is Julien Scavini; a very nice 7 fold I just bought it some days ago while fetching my newest MTM 2 piece suit from him. I’ll write a post with more details soon.

The pocket square is a little experiment I did in buying more stuff from Etsy and the likes. This one is white cotton with a geometrical print all over.